Towards a Better World-Paint

Artist Statement

Art is my way of communicating with humanity. I’m seeking connection with the hearts, minds, and souls of people. Art joins us together in deep, meaningful ways.

I love beautiful, vibrant colors. Yet I’m aware of the awesome power of neutrals. I enjoy the drama of setting the mood through tone, shade, and value. Darker, less vibrant tones don’t scare me if connected to what I want to say. My work is layered both physically and metaphorically. I use layers of painted texture and layers of symbolism to get my point across.  

I’m a political artist by trade. I’m interested in exploring human connections through this thing called politics. They say everything is political; that’s very true, at least for me. No, I’m not a political leader, nor am I trying to be. My role is to help inspire a mass movement of humanity towards a brighter future. 

Michael Owens has dreamed of being a professional artist his entire life. Over the years, he’s held a variety of jobs: dental assistant, factory worker, farm laborer, civil drafter, and the list goes on. From 2004 to 2008, Owens attended Georgia Southern University as an art major. After five years of hard work, he graduated with a BFA degree. Owens hasn’t participated in any major art shows nor has his work been in a gallery, though he’s created many paintings and drawings over the years since his college graduation.