Vangelic: Photography

Artist Statement

Growing up in a world with ideas of male and female, and things associated with each sex rather than both, I have wondered for a long time why things are this way. I find myself studying for further connections of what each sex is supposed to be. As a female who doesn’t necessarily identify with feminine things, I’ve always pondered the idea of a young woman “blossoming” into adulthood, and why we compare a woman to a flower. With this series, I went looking for a physical connection rather than a verbal representation, and set out on a mission to see if flowers had a visual quality relating to the female sex organ.

Brooke Ashley Johnson was born in Jacksonville Fl., in 1993. Johnson works mainly with digital photography but enjoys other mediums such as painting and cinematography. She explores labels and aims to find whether they keep humans separate or help them come together. Johnson is working on the completion of her BFA in Digital Photography at The Art Institute of Jacksonville.