Vietnamese Village Through the Eyes of a Young Man: Mixed Media

Artist Statement

I am a Vietnamese seventeen-year-old teen. I have a passion for fine art and literature, and am most interested in my current project about my home village, for which I have used sketches and photos, or even experimented with oral histories from the older generation to invest their knowledge into my works. Most of my pieces are inspired by the simple reality of the people and landscape around me… Describing the oppositions of emotions, the sorrows versus the value of hard work, I have gained a new respect for these people, and suddenly have a vision of a shade of the blue and withered branches. Through the eyes of a teen, everything blends into the emotional antagonism of a person!

Nhat Anh is seventeen years old. Born in Vietnam, interested in art since childhood, he usually focuses his mind on fine art. Like so many artists, he begins with some simple subject, and tends to find the value in the gorgeous aspect of people and scenes around his life. He is interested not only in how fine art enables him to see the world through different eyes, but how it also connects him to people, and to approach a career in art. The rest of his time is usually spent reading literature and poetry, and listening to music.