Vulnerability Has No Boundaries

Artist Statement

This project is an exploration of the vulnerability of the human psyche and body, as well as an exploration of digital versions of some of the original alternative photographic processes (specifically cyanotypes). Within this project I have conveyed this through the color, lighting, clarity, and positioning in the images. These images are meant to have meaning, as well as have thoughts projected upon them by the viewer not dependent upon words or timeframe.

Jakki Daley earned a BFA from Moore College of Art and Design with a focus in photography and digital arts. Her work overall has explored ideas of the physical and mental deterioration’s effects on relationships between loved ones. Before going to Moore, Daley attended Bucks County Community College working on graphic design and photography skills. Her work has been shown at Moore College of Art and Design, Bucks County Community College, The Disposable Film Festival in San Francisco, Mt Airy Art Garage (MAAG), Light Space and Time Online Art Gallery, and NUMiNOUS Magazine. She is currently working as a freelance artist.