Letter to the Intelligentsia

In this cage of preconceived notions,
—in the crevices of God’s palm,
You’ve seen me wallow in my sorrows in the cortex
And scream to the heavens of insanity.
I’ve skidded across the fields and felt the silk of plains,
I’ve slept in huts, birthed fire from my mouth,
I’ve felt the scathing sun in a golden moonlight,
I’ve seen it all, all, et al.

Rainier Harris is the founder and editor-in-chief of The Centrist Review and The Andreasperat. He has been published in The Louisville Review, The Write Launch, Anapest: Journal of Poetry Excellence, and elsewhere. He has been recognized by Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, the Live Poets Society of New Jersey, and the America Library of Poetry.