Skins / For Helena


sparks of lust shoot from it
yet with our fingertips
we create a circle of trust
a circle of us
the misunderstanding:
it likes to behave like something it’s not
let’s bathe in it
until our fingers get wrinkled
so close
our bodies join
and we become one
that only disappears in the sun


you should listen to this
you say and grab her hand
spinning her into an evening
of cherry lipsticks
you like the way she gets lost in you
sharpening her breath
unfolding her essence
caressing her words
as if you’ve forgotten
she’s fading into the pool of your sunken imagination
but don’t get too close
she’ll run after you
showing you the night sky
singing you melodies that harmonize with your bright blue eyes
making sure you notice
how her lips curl up when she calls your name
offering her tongue as your ashtray
painting her nails in the color of your enemies
showing you the gap between love and lust
but she knows that you’ll inhale her breath
and exhale it with fire
she knows that your bony hands will clutch her heart

Anna Špirochová is currently a high school student living in Prague, Czech Republic. Besides poetry and slam, she also enjoys writing nonfiction and op-eds on various elements of today’s culture. She is the founder of a creative project called KOMPOT which consists of slam poetry recitals, local underground music, and an art exhibition from young creators.