Time and Through

Artist Statement

It is hard to believe how fast time can travel. Before you know it, an on-going event will become a precious memory. As time passes further, these memories will slowly dry, “decay”, as if they’re something solid. No emotions will be stirred up again thinking of these memories. As time travels, we grow, facing different matters each day. Things happen around us, which are extremely hard to believe: changing us.

However, what you see is different from what you feel. Ask yourself to find your way out and to view situations differently. Eyes might as well be a source of lies.

Wendy Chang is in ninth grade studying at The Webb Schools in Claremont, CA. Drawing and painting have been Wendy’s passion for more than ten years. She enjoys doing art using pencil, pen, and acrylic paint as her mediums. With a unique voice, Wendy hopes her paintings and drawings can allow for deep personal reflections and self discovery.

In this collection of paintings, Wendy portrays the relationship between one’s mindset and time. She wishes for these paintings to resonate with people who enjoys using these expressive pieces to reach their inner emotions and thoughts.