À La Carte: Saudades

I miss the jungle’s morning breath.I shall never grasp

I used to bathe in lush vines,the Peace that shelters those

and soakthat sing with one set of Words.

in lime monstera leaves.Onde estão as constelações

My fuschia heliconia used to bloomdo céu do sul?

from my skyward palms.Onde está meu avô?

Now I step on styrofoam,I am sliced between My Hemispheres.

and with each half-silent day,No final,

slaughter the tongue of my family,eu vou sempre ficar

and the passion fruit huesdividido entre Meus Hemisférios.

of my awe-struck eyes.I will be hung by my lungs,

Eu tenho bastante saudade.and the unshaped Words

Ancient forests—will never be born.

ripped from my chest.My Poetry will drip

Florestas antigas sãofrom only half

arrancadas do meu coração.do meu dicionário,

If the cawing corvids of this Present Place,and my voice will forever be wrapped

and the grunting toucans,around the dark side of the sun.

with their beaks dipped in mango skies,Eu estou meio silenciada.

keep crying for me,I am half sung.

Emily Iris Degn is a multilingual poet and professional writer, living in the mountains of Salem, VA. She is a social and environmental activist and focuses her creative work on those issues. She has traveled extensively through every state in the continental USA and enjoys discovering new and natural places.

Photo credit: Nicholas Allen Morgan