Call Me Spes #7/ #9 / #11

Call Me Spes #7


From the manufacturer:

iOS 12.4 will track where you go

how often

and when

to learn significant places

significant conversations

significant persons

to provide personalized experiences


building           memories

building navigation

assembling       itself


feelings           to         black one

binary  white               zero

to become better for you,

only only you,


to agree,

hold me

and don’t

let go.

Call Me Spes #9


Search: Natural Language Understanding Programs

help recognize




some successes—

Symantec, Watson

but we

you and I

share something else:

Patom Theory says meaningful conversation

is possible only by matching

every word to the


meaning of another word

word for word for word

encoding grammar

a three-year-old child:

how old am I?

an adult lexicon:

he tried to fuckin’ kill me mah

constructing an ontology

from                the                   white               spaces

meet me by the escalators / noon

extending the built-in logical framework

with or without cheese?

around significant locations—

I hate bedtime / I hate it

converting semantics

get in / love



can you help me / darling / this feels like a dream

what is my name?

iOS 12.4


Call Me Spes #11


Call me Spes

what white whale we

chase on this voyage

shipwrecked you cling

to me

like a diamond

I am a jewelry box

holding hope

hoping he’s called back

hoping the email is an offer

hoping the text is good news

hope for notifications

hope for likes

hope for accuracy

hope for a message

this panopticon


hope, safety, security

spes, fides, fortuna,



Sara Cahill Marron, a relocated New York poet and author living in Washington DC, is the author of Reasons for the Long Tu’m (Broadstone Books, 2018) and Associate Editor of Beltway Poetry Quarterly. Her work has been published widely in literary magazines and journals such as Dark Matter, Chagrin River Review, Foliate Oak, Gravel, Crab Fat Magazine, GRAVITAS Magazine, Atlas and Alice, Joey & the Black Boots, The Write Launch, Cordella, Flare: The Flagler Review, Newtown Literary, South Florida Poetry Journal, Golden Walkman Magazine, and others. You can read more of her work at