Never Mercy

Never Mercy

Don’t let go.

Those words.

Let go of what?

I cast her a look.

Her feet

Ruffled the ground,

The broad dirt pathway.

The forest rises

Around us, branches

Set onto trunks, leaves


The sun seeping through

The cliffs. She is

Chestnuts, cable-knit

Sweaters, sewing, books,

Scented candles. All

These things smother me

In autumnal visions

Of her history as she

Passes, the tip of her pale

Face painting her environment.

A bit of dirt, tossed to the side.

Each grain midair, then gone.

Don’t let go.

She continued, but in silence

This time. Something so perfect

Has to always be afraid:

If you accidentally ruin the secret,

Or stub out your talent.

Or you’re too fearful to say the right words

In case they’re wrong. Don’t let go,

She says, if you let go now you’ll never

Be able to get back up again.

Please, hold on. Just a little longer.

I promise it’ll be over soon. Just

Don’t let go

Author Headshot

Mazzy Sleep is a nine-year-old from Toronto, Canada, who began writing during the pandemic. She has written over 800 dark fantasy/horror poems and short stories, as well as two feature screenplays. Mazzy’s poetry has also appeared in Hawaii Pacific Review and will be published in four issues of the Queen’s Quarterly, Canada’s oldest scholarly journal. In her spare time, she watches weird cinema and Japanese anime and plays Roblox.