transgender (adjective)

trans·​gen·​der | \ tran(t)s-ˈjen-dər, tranz-\

Definition of transgender
1. : of, relating to, or being a person who is vulnerable : see OTHER

// like a fetus or an orioles’ egg it is fragile & frequently unborn

b : being a person : being a real person : see BECOMING & then reevaluate how we determine what are beginnings &what are endings : see EVIDENCE-BASED
// when we scream we beg for them to consider every declension of “I am” & not
like a senator naming a ship or a doctor observing a newborn’s genitals
c : especially : of, relating to, or being a ball of something you cannot name : having been
a ball of something you cannot name
// if we can doubt science-based conclusions then we can doubt anything like how
this is like a ship without a crew that is also on fire & everyone is watching
2. : of having to understand entitlement : of not understanding entitlement : of being a badge of diversity others take on & off like a medal

// the trans woman just wants to fucking live

Danielle Rose lives in Massachusetts with her partner and their two cats. She is
the managing editor of Dovecote Magazine and used to be a boy.

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