Aminah Mae Safi, Author

Dear Mama / Watercolor / They Tell Us to Live in the Moment Because the Moment is All We May Have

I want our childhood back to watch the ice break off at the shoreline and float away when the sun begins to warm the waters of Lake Superior early spring. Or spend whole Saturdays planting the pink and purple candy-striped petunias you loved in flower boxes and along the borders of our little sidewalk. […]

Ferris Wheel

He used to search desperately for them—these mysterious people—but their voices would fade out of earshot whenever he thought he might be getting close. But he knows they’re there.[…]

Esmé Weijun Wang, Author

There is something wonderful about being able to write both fiction and nonfiction…. It does take
different kinds of brain work, which is really enjoyable.[…]

Diana Louise Vancura

Pinky Promises

Part of me wanted to turn back, but I couldn’t look away. My camera was my shield. Hiding behind it made everything feel slightly less real, like I was watching a movie instead of the massacre of my own childhood.[…]

Depression Aubade, or My Therapist Has a Breakthrough / Feedback

Everyday the author takes the bus like a distant hum, I love that. I love that somebody leaves the author a voicemail and doesn’t talk about pain as a thin golden feather. I love that the author calls back.[…]

An Ode to MC Jin Ending in Response to the Chinese Virus Outbreak

I don’t even feel comfortable in public coughing,

Without someone trying to put a nail in it. And that’s nothing to sneeze at. No hand washing or hand sanitizer will clean you of your phobias.[…]