In Passing

re: your temporal lobe/circular breath/first words as
typography/the eye slant/your name/your heritage/how
we cradle our Mother Tongue/the way your back slouches
when dreaming

note to self: this is temporary/sanded husk ‘loving in this
wet heat/learn these goofyass college words/like the way
of Presidential Men/providing another tripping hazard for
poor folks/

oh wounded brass/oh hallowed ground/on sapphire earth,
porcelain rain/you walk like Mother Nature ain’t shitting
bricks herself

yes, this will fade/like tongues after swallowing bombs/tell
me more lies/like yes, this is a lengthy impermanence

Peter Chiu lives in San Gabriel Valley with his wife and their dog. He works during the day as an engineer and is currently working on a collection of short stories and poems. This is his first publication.