No Hidden Portals

Tell her goodbye when you see her

because sometimes it’s best to start

with the ending & work in reverse.

I know a thing or two about phases


said the moon after no one asked it

anything at all. I feel bad about

the things that I said but also whatever

I didn’t. Tell her there are better days


ahead. Tell her sleep mostly eludes me.

Tell her you’re not looking for sympathy

on my behalf. Don’t forget to bring a map

when you set out on your journey.


Try to write a series of declarative sentences.

Afterwards you can worry about whether

the tone is a drone. You can freely add

more details, clauses that help the reader


understand you are ambivalent

about the emotional state depicted. The sun

I heard over the phone is a sun I’d like

to share in. Inexplicably, there are lots of cars


driving by. I have to look back to see where

I started. I don’t really remember what I was

trying to do. I have to close one window

in order to open another & check if you’re


trying to talk to me. We don’t like to make things

easy for ourselves. Everything I need

is in plain sight. It’s so sunny in the park.

It’s dangerous when it’s like that so late in the day.

Nate Prittes is the author of five books of poetry, most recently Sweet Nothing which Publishers Weekly describes as “both baroque and irrevertent, banal and romantic, his poems […] arrive at a place of vulnerability and sincerity.” His poetry & prose have been published widely, both online & in print 7 on barns, at places like Forklift, Ohio, Court Green, Gulf Coast, Boston Review & Rain Taxi where he frequently contributes reviews. He is the founder & principal editor of H_NGM_N, an online journal & small press.