Second Place: Mai Serhan

I make an offering,
mango crescents,
powdered moon,
dipped one in dusk,
the other in dalliance,
but you don’t want no truce,
not while your page is blank.
Your mind revs,
word counts fail,
I wait for us
like a silk dress,
caught on a rusty nail.

Author Headshot

Mai Serhan is a writer and translator. Her writing has appeared in Anomaly, Oyster River Pages, Flash Fiction Magazine, The Writers and Readers’ Magazine, and is forthcoming in The Swamp and Refuge. She is a Winter Tangerine and Vermont Studio Center alumna and a recipient of the Emerging Writer Award from The Wellstone Center in the Redwoods in California. Mai is currently pursuing her Master of Studies in Creative Writing at the University of Oxford.
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