Sky Ghost

Words like vapour from skies redeemed

Enchanted from the start

The nectarous rill of romance.

A perfect Magic.

That quickening gleam in your eyes

took me by surprise

What kind of person walks in the Wood

with a dagger?

Cutting wood to see trees

Together we rise

Stretched from oceans and skies

Chase my butterflies

Fleeting ghosts in your eyes.

I will return

Firmament crystallised.

Let me go,

my continuous ghosts.

Mend our human hearts

Neither mad nor bad.

Fleeting ghosts in your eyes

Sparkle on icicles

Stretched from oceans and skies.

Fiona H lives in Ireland and is rather shy so would prefer to let the writing do the talking. She is a former Humanities student, now she studies humanity through creative writing.

She is on the road less travelled from a Sociology degree to socially introverted, trying to make the world a better place by writing. Published twice in LUNCH poetry journal at, (2018, 2019) and for the first time in Lunch Ticket literary magazine (2020).  You could say she likes to lunch!  She regularly post new writing on her Twitter page: @gotnomoniker