sound hour

I look out of the small kitchen window

above the table,

and saw the skin of your elbow

hanging from the outline

of a phantom shard glass.

I heard your voice

on the radio

while I was scrolling

between the static

and bits of gospel,

and it fit –

so immaculate.

I felt your grip

where his hands were placed

around my shaved ankles,

and broken wrists,

pulling and quartering

my trunk and head away

from my limbs.

I wrapped my tongue

across the plastic cherry

he shoved in my mouth,

and I dreamt of you,

while I was

widespread awake

I tasted you,

with Sugar straddling my chest,

and picnic ants crawling out from

between my legs.

they arranged themselves

on the bed sheets

in the shape of your name.

I think even in my hair

missed you,

as it wound

around my head

in search for the palm

of your rock salt hands.

Britta Alford– also known as “Britta, No Filter” and “UNiTED”– is a nonbinary, multidisciplinary artist, sociopolitical and animal rights activist, writer, and poet based in New York City. As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, their main goal in their artistic endeavors is liberation of the marginalized, the othered, and the strange. We must all do our part to fight for climate justice and listen more to the weathered voices around us– the young embers being snuffed out by Capitalism. Go vegan. Vote with compassion, and always try your hardest to do what’s best for the 99 percent.