Which is a word that      means ghost, as it     wanders, so much

blown trash, soulful       only as you      make something of it,      interrupting its

leanings, a physical       event and vulnerabilities,      of buildings and populations.

Budgetary allocations are       patterns, they originate in the       popular will and the dirt

pressed back,       or down, it’s       so much work, or did       they count, or

did they use materials       to distinguish speech from       bricks, trusting       bricks a little

more?       Which are       of course       passage making devices,       where your

dead friends exchange       notes with the       rest of the dead world.

As you hear about       what went wrong       you think what you want

are ghosts that have to       stick around, complimenting       you and your presidency.

Hugh Behm-Steinberg is the author of Shy Green Fields (No Tell Books) and the forthcoming The Opposite of Work (JackLeg Press). He teaches writing at California College of the Arts in San Francisco, where he edits the journal Eleven Eleven.