The CIA Believes in the Paranormal?

I, like many others, am intrigued by conspiracy theories, though I find myself drawn more to mysteries like The Seven Worlds or The Gardens of Babylon, I prefer theories about the human mind and question our power. Mostly, I like these mysteries because they remind me of the wonder and might of humankind. Around the beginning of the COVID19 quarantine, it was said that the CIA released a set of documents about something called the “Gateway Process,” but really if you look at the document it was released in 2003. The Gateway Process is a 1983 report about using a series of exercises to produce states of expanded human consciousness such as astral projection, outer body experiments, and other altered states of mind. This sounds crazy, even to me, it kinda reminds me of the Area 51 theories about alien experiments but the CIA decided to share this information.

The government is researching what your fave ‘spiritual guru’ on instagram has been trying to sell you? And the CIA studied this in the eighties?! Yes, the CIA was researching mediation and how it affects your brain waves to HEMI-SYNC your mind. For anyone that wants to read about this I have linked lower in this post. Even I had issues understanding it. So I am sharing a YouTube link that helps explain this process. This is where I started with my research.

Before I delve further some personal questions I had about the Gateway Process: why would the CIA want to learn about this? The only reason, I can fathom, as to why they would want to understand and expand the human mind is intelligence gathering. And is there something they are researching now that relates to the Gateway Process that compelled them to release this information to the public? I would assume they no longer need it or use it.

Why is this only known now when it has been around for years? Though it blows my mind as to how this document has gone under the radar for years. I can only guess staying at home for a quarantine lead to wanting to find something else to focus on. Which is why, I think so many are just now ‘discovering’ and sharing this information.

After all. they wouldn’t release this if they hadn’t improved or changed. Is it outdated information? Honestly I think the answer is a bit of yes and no. Maybe for the CIA it is outdated but also I’m sure we have discovered and rediscovered this over hundreds of years. So it can never be truly outdated, only improved. I’m even more curious about how my favorite social media spiritual gurus may have been right all along about the world around us. And now there is real scientific proof and government documents to prove it to the nay-sayers. That is empowering, since so many try to discredit these experiences.

Now, what is the Gateway Process? It is using a stream of energy that is projected with total coherence of both frequency and amplitude that the laser beam contains so much concentrated energy similar to the surface area of the sun. The
body is turned into a coherent oscillator that is vibrating in harmony with its surrounding electrostatic medium. Okay, let me back track for a moment because this is a lot to start with, so what does this mean? It means by pointing a laser that syncs with the sun’s frequency at the human body it can help sync it to the vibration of the earth and everything around it.

This specific exercise includes the Gateway tapes, when listened to, with headphones, sync up the two hemispheres of the brain, or HEMI-SYNC, to work together and put the mind in a trance like state, joined with a participant energy field
that builds up around the body to surround it. It took a few reads for me to understand what that means. By listening to the Gateway tapes which sync up the two parts of the brain with a frequency it helps put you in a trance-like state while meditating. I think in all of that it was forgotten to share that you would be meditating, so as you meditate while listening to the tapes you also have a laser hitting you that helps synchronize your energy to the earth.

Presumably this field is made by using the earth’s field which the body is now
entraining because it is resonating with it. Much like the nucleus of an atom with its electrons’ energy fields that spin around it, in this process you are tuning your mind into the energy fields around you. So after going through all the science of it, basically, as you listen to certain frequencies while meditating you can easily enter into a trance-like state of consciousness.

I may get the comment that some ‘spiritual gurus” are trying to scam you. Yes, of course, that could be true. You don’t want to believe everything you read.  My best advice on finding the fakes: look at the price; exp. a scammer would demand a high price like $1,000 up front while most real programs have payment programs and probably, depending on the type of program, will average $600 or less. If it still seems a ridiculous price, look at what other’s price similar programs at; whether they are self help, meditations, or how to manifest your dream life there are hundreds of programs and most of them aren’t real. Also don’t forget to look for reviews.

While you should pay for quality it shouldn’t be so expensive it puts you in debt. I also suggest being skeptical of everyone that you are thinking about paying for, I have only used free trails because it takes me a while of trying something out to see if it is worth paying for once I can afford. Look for the programs that are in the middle. Also, look for free trial programs to see if it’s worth paying for. Most will share some basic information for free because they want to sell you the topic most will give you something to take on a test drive. And while I can’t tell you exactly what is legit or not. I can tell you google can confirm or deny anything you are thinking about paying for. If something seems like a scam like google it. We are connected to the world and you cross-reference everything. And if there isn’t much information on the internet, look for books if there isn’t anything there it’s probably a scam. The Monroe Institute where the Gateway Process came from still has programs but they aren’t cheap. So if you feel so inclined to join the programs, look long and hard for one that fits you.

If you are interested in trying out meditation for relieving anxiety, increasing the ability to focus, or trying to expand your consciousness, then I suggest you look or try something similar to the Gateway Process, it’s been proven to help relieve stress and anxiety. A lot of YouTube videos even use similar sounds to produce HEMI-SYNC nowadays. If you are looking to have an effective HEMI-SYNC remember you need headphones so that you are working both sides of your brain. While I have listened to many meditation sounds and music, especially living in a COVID-19 world, but honestly I have only used headphones maybe twice. So this is something for me to try out more and see if it helps.

If you are curious about the document details, I have linked it here. After all, I have only given you a small overview and some questions to ask. I’ve only touched on parts of the process, quite a bit of it went over my head, like how the universe is a hologram, time travel, and nothing is real. There are other documents called The Psychotronic Universe and the research into Paranormal Abilities. For me, most of this information was a little too much, hard to believe on some levels, and just overwhelming but I have shared them to show what else the CIA has researched similar to the Gateway Process.

As I was reading through the Gateway Process document, I honestly was confused by most of everything I read. Honestly, when I read medical or political pieces, it’s worse than reading a foreign language. So I suggest cross-referencing your information which you can do with a simple google search. My biggest questions about the Gateway Process and its recent release are: Why is this process such a big deal in 2020? When in fact it was released in 2003? And why does no one really know about it? Maybe in a world where we are all stuck at home, we find ourselves looking for more or try to understand ourselves. For me, I started looking into meditation to help cope with the anxiety and stress level I had at the beginning of quarantine. Which somehow led me here. My belief is that sometimes you just need the hope of life being extraordinary to handle the mundane and horrors of the world. But why do you think this document has become a big deal for 2020? Maybe it’s because of COVID19 and will all be forgotten once life returns to ‘normal’ and we are too busy to look deeper than the surface level.

The Psychotic Universe.

Research into Paranormal Ability to Break Through Spatial Barriers.

Faith Escoe is currently a student at Antioch University aiming for her Masters in Creative Writing. She graduated with her Bachelors in Creative Writing from Full Sail when she was twenty. She enjoys studying mythology and aims to learn two new languages in the next two years. She, also, spent a semester abroad in Paros, Greece at the Aegean Center. Her love for travel has lead to her focus on learning new languages. She hopes to return to her beloved island in the Aegean Sea after she graduates with her Masters.