These Boots Are Made for Trauma

My feet
Are wearied and jaded
As a pair,
one incites the other
like Thelma pleading to Louise
Let’s keep going

And there is a certain
to the rhythm
of rubber slapping
the cheeks of a street on which
a boy
first wore me out

But let’s keep going
Keep pushing toes into
a too-tight boot,
flesh rubbing against death
This life
bound to fit eventually

Lannie Stabile (she/her), a queer Detroiter, often says, while some write like a turtleneck sweater, she writes like a Hawaiian shirt. A finalist for the 2019/2020 Glass Chapbook Series and semifinalist for the Button Poetry 2018 Chapbook Contest, she is usually working on new chapbook ideas, or, when desperate, on her neglected YA novel. Works can be found, or are forthcoming, in Glass: A Journal of Poetry, 8 Poems, Kissing Dynamite, Monstering, Okay Donkey, Honey & Lime, and more. Lannie currently holds the position of Managing Editor at Barren Magazine and is a member of the MMPR Collective.