Flower Boy

“Ten baht each! Fifteen baht for two,” Rehan shouted, standing at one of the busiest intersections in Bangkok. Just like any other boys selling goods on the road, he strode between the cars and motorcycles, pulling his cart. He smiled big; that’s what his dad—God rest his soul—once taught him. Smile—that’s how he sold flowers […]

Louisa and the Moon

Have you ever wondered what it is the moon is doing when it’s up there? Hanging in the night sky? Well, don’t. It’s a silly question. The moon is obviously doing what the rest of us are doing when the sun is down. Sleeping. However, there are nights when the moon can’t sleep. When the […]

The Self-Improvement Plan

I found this perfect song. It’s a sort of jazz-gospel thing I lifted from one of my dad’s playlists, totally not what I’m normally into, but I like the groove. There’s a little organ intro that I use for warm-up stretches, then it slips into this steady beat for ten crazy-long minutes that builds perfectly […]

Wishing Day

Taleb stood at the far end of the Town Hall lodge, peering at the parchment that had been tacked to the wall. RULES FOR WISHING DAY You must be at least 16 years old to participate. One wish per person. Wishes cannot be given away. Wishes cannot be used to do harm. Death is permanent. […]