Quotidian Blues

Sister My sister is sitting on the bank of a ploughed field, catching the last grains like fish. The black earth is agitated, spattering poisonous salt throwing foam beneath the blackthorn bush. I go up to her, bent and old, sobbing, so she pities me, saying, “Look, I’m cold, I’ll die.” And she answers me, […]


“Tell your father not to stay out there in the chill; it’ll make him sick.” Actually, it was warm on the patio. The sun already hung low in the sky, but it was still two hours until dark. And the fence around the house shielded don Antonio Nemiña from the winds loaded with dust and […]

Janin Cycle

The Fetus of the Dream Dream fetuses. And in the fetus dream, like a growing amplified silence— like ivy around nothing: I dreamed last night. I dreamed of wet ivy— wet like water and rapidly growing— water that smells like old wine in the deepest treasure beneath the earth, where the spider danced the figure […]