Tribute to Diana Woods

I first knew Diana Woods as a fiction student in the Antioch MFA program.  Though I primarily teach creative nonfiction, she was assigned to my workshop two years ago during a genre jump into creative nonfiction.  She was just recovering from a round a chemo then and came to class with a different, brightly colored […]

Feet in the Sand

The heat swells up from the boardwalk as I descend from the second floor open-air restaurant in Kona on the Big Island. Only a block away the ocean slaps onto the shore within the breakwater surrounding the cove. I grip onto one side of the iron railing, moving one hand over the other as I […]

Word From the Editor

We’ve just come through a contentious election, and regardless of your pick on election day, the election process asked people to examine their beliefs and make choices accordingly. Our lives are full of choices from the second we get up in the morning and have to decide what to wear until the minute we decide […]