The Horizon, Hemmed in Gold

The Horizon, Hemmed in Gold Best friend, yours is the right to raft down the smooth rivers, to bushwhack through the black forests at night and to freshen your senses in the streaming wind; to sing to the fields a rice-growing song; to turn your grin upward at the scattered stars; to gaze at the […]

Three Danish Poems

Now what if Now what if it were like in a real mystery where the guilty parties would not be sought out where the strongest suspicion fell but a place no one had thought of and yet obvious to people with hindsight Now what if the ringleaders were only ringleaders in their own and all […]

Mamasafari, Mountain Aunt, Property

Mamasafari Some people live and die worse than their cows. When the people were taken away cows lowed in the fields until they died. When I talk about this to colleagues, they turn to one another, as if I’m crazy. How do you talk about that at conferences? That’s much too practical for conferences. That’s […]