Home is Home

The car goes around a bend. The windows are up, the air cool, and we are hemmed in from every angle by the afternoon sun. In the back seat, my mother clasps my palm, as though to assure herself that I am really here. We ease onto IBB Way. On either side, the town lies […]

Stories about Bodies: Narrative Medicine with Emily Rapp Black, Juliet McMullin, & Phillip Mitchell

Emily Rapp Black is the author of Poster Child: A Memoir (Bloomsbury USA, 2007), and The Still Point of the Turning World (The Penguin Press, 2013), which was a New York Times Bestseller and Editor’s Pick, and a finalist for the PEN USA Prize in Nonfiction. Her work has appeared in numerous noteworthy publications such […]

Three Poems from Mandelstam Street

I. Winter sits heavy in our guts and we can no longer chew —in confident, elegant pride— herbs, bark, and rocks on the rough roads of the diaspora. Poetry left wrinkles around our eyes and tongue a miniature egg wrapped in a cloth and the smoke of a train leaving for the gray snow of […]

Hanging Laundry / Last Fingers

Hanging Laundry The eighties: a little boy hangs laundry on a fourth floor balcony in Jerusalem. He clips the clothes on tight, diligent in checking that nothing dangles to the ground— vests, white shirts for Shabbat, socks, the little boy sees underwear and is embarrassed. Today, his mother is no longer here, the underwear is […]

Thank You for Sharing

Last month I was the guest author at a writing workshop. I’d been invited to talk about memoir and the complicated and often discouraging journey of getting published. I had just finished reading an excerpt from my book, an addiction memoir about my former life as a junkie bank robber, and I was fielding questions […]

a little saw

It was the first time she let a man touch her face like that. She wanted a soft warm glow of a room, but instead got clinical. A light bulb shot to her eyeballs. The man’s white fingers were bone delicate. His hands, they swept up the dark strands of her hair, and he looked […]

10 Collages: Digital Collages