Elizabeth Eve King, RR in Sienna

Paintings: San Francisco Inside and Out (+ one of Sienna night) – Acrylic

White reflects all color. Look at a “white” wall and concentrate. You will see browns, blues, yellows, magentas and infinite shades of reality.[…]

Entangled by Elysium

Elysium’s World

Art is the human species’ most incredible form in the expression of life by far. Nothing else that is human-made can match the power of art. It moves us, motivates us, frightens us, and it can make us fall in love. . .

Between Fire and Ice, 2020, Photography, 15 x 10”

Between Fire and Ice

“Between Fire and Ice” is an ongoing photographic entry around the subject of wildfires within the forefront of climate change. Fire, to me, is alive and shares a deep relationship with our universal family. After the most destructive wildfire in the history of California in 2018, I began photographing fire-dependent ecosystems across the United States. . .

Karen Starrett, Inner Voice

Continuing the Conversation

The act of painting, moving my hand across the canvas, is pure freedom—and fear. I continue to draw lines, wipe parts of them away, then redraw and wipe parts away again—joining, obscuring, and overlaying these lines many times. Different linear elements clash and struggle to be together—to make sense together. . .

Chorus Line, 2016

Scenes from Ballets Never Staged- Acrylic

These theatrical scenes are inspired by my Filipino ancestry and by The Darangen: the epic poetic narrative of the Maranao people, as well as by the textile traditions of the Southern Philippines. Each of these scenes attempts to capture and articulate the narrative imagery recovered from the psyche: a scene interrupted, a glimpse of some symbolic interior—as it might be staged in a theater.[…]

Visual Model of Utopia, 2020

Visual Models-Mixed Media

Artists are in the business of making models: windows into the soul of society that put into context the human condition. It is an aim to coalesce our shared reality through the lens of a single individual, the artist, and their experience, perspective, and opinions.[…]

Float, 2020

Blue Motion-Acrylic

In this collection, I ask: What can the color blue teach us? What emotional, psychological, and physiological reaction do we have when blue is allowed to speak? Because this type of art is fluid, attention must be paid to the motion of the pieces[…]

Catching Up, 2020

Breathing The New Society- Acrylic

The specific paints and color variations I use in my work also impact the work as well as the subjects I present. Colors like red and blue can sometimes be used as references to political parties, or the use of black to emphasize the feeling of emptiness, as well as it being used for more modern line work for the pop feel.[…]


The Pineapple Metaphor: Expanding the Narrative

As a Black woman from Mississippi, my cultural roots have imposed a powerful influence on my art process. My work is a conversation between myself and place, using art as a paradoxical intervention to address racial trauma at its core. Integrating the pineapple’s growth and journey as a guiding metaphor […]

Damilola Olusegun, Soul Element (Fire)

Soul Element: Charcoal and Graphite

Through her artworks, she is able to pass on messages without writing an essay. Her subject matter mostly deals with emotions and self-discovery. She connects with music, books, people, her environment, and situations around her vicinity before creating any art piece.[…]

Michael Owens, American Pieta

Towards a Better World-Paint

I’m a political artist by trade. I’m interested in exploring human connections through this thing called politics. They say everything is political; that’s very true, at least for me.[…]

To the Sun, 2018

Women, Yazd, Iran-Photographs

This project aims to portray women as they suffer a crushing defeat in society. Being the core of my focus, woman is described as a bird who is dying. I have applied Forough Farrokhzad’s last poem of her last book of poems—“the bird may die…”—to the photos to address each image more touchingly.[…]

Nine recent woodcuts

My art naturally is informed by an education in art history and an experience in a gallery that specialized in old master prints and drawings and antiquarian books. Having been drawn initially to the art of woodcut by exposure, through books and museums, to the works of early 20th century masters, I have been a practitioner of the medium of woodcut since I was sixteen years old.[…]

Radical Acceptance, August 2020

Congruence – Pen & Ink

Navigating the world with PTS and depression often renders me paralyzed; stuck in a place between grief and acceptance; speechless. Through art, there is a negotiation in meaning and understanding. Often unspoken.[…]

Book 5 Drawing 6, 2019

In the Dark

We live in a world that strives to consume the entirety of our time and attention. Work, play, social media, and the 24/7 news cycle cry out for our attention at all hours of the day and night. Our ability to seek refuge in a place where all that can be ignored, turned off, and tuned out is vital to our very self-preservation.[…]

Image 1, Miguel, 2019, Archival Digital Print, 30inx20in

Acabando Nos Vamos

The personas we apply to the occupations that we take for granted everyday are inseparable from the job itself because of our own indolence towards learning anything different. This series pairs the two perspectives that represent how Latinos are traditionally characterized[…]


Vulnerability Has No Boundaries

Within this project I have conveyed this through the color, lighting, clarity, and positioning in the images. These images are meant to have meaning, as well as have thoughts projected upon them by the viewer not dependent upon words or timeframe.[…]

Santa Gabriela, 2019, 100% Cotton Photographic Tapestry, 60”x80”

Mi Religión

I draw from my experience within this toxic culture and provide a call to action for the women who don’t have a voice to feel empowered and for the men with a little too much to say to be softened. The imagery I use within my work references the everyday accessible household items that are traditionally associated with my Mexican-American household[…]


The Selfie: A Physical-Digital Hybrid of the Human Face

While I know all of these people deeply, I was most interested in my ability to render them anonymous to both myself and my audience. This led to an array of floating heads that, like anonymous online spaces, capture—and then distort[…]


Sentiments in Clay

In works like, The Hands of Time, I convey the delicate nature balance between life and death. In life, death is constantly brushing our fingertips. And yet, in death, our connection to life makes it so that we never truly die.[…]


Dreams and Fantasies

Today’s human beings feel comfortable with their non-historical past, but during an ideological process and in deep connection with social events, the nature of these dreams changes and they are abstract.[…]


Sex After Rape

I have found ways to navigate sex—and trauma—anew. The following series explores the pain of sexual violence as well as the rediscovery of my body.[…]

Carol Es, Quarters, 2015, oil paint, paper, and fabric on birch panel, 24 in. x 24 in.

Rock and Refuge: Mixed Media

Caché Owens, Spring Fete, 2019, Collage, Acrylic, Oil Pastel on Canvas, 11 in. x 17 in.

Caché Owens: Mixed Media

Zamani, Steps to Understanding, 2015, Oil on Canvas, 140 cm x 140 cm

Still Lifelike: Oil Painting

Tandem: Digital Photography

Devan Horton, Dissolve Me, 2019, Oil on Canvas, 30” x 40”

Penchant: Oil Painting

Aleksandra Suvorova, Skull, 2019, Oil on Canvas, 160 x 100 cm

Forbidden Garden: Oil Painting

Mutations: Mixed Media