Art Summer/Fall 2021 Issue 19

Elizabeth Eve King, RR in Sienna

Paintings: San Francisco Inside and Out (+ one of Sienna night) – Acrylic

White reflects all color. Look at a “white” wall and concentrate. You will see browns, blues, yellows, magentas and infinite shades of reality.[…]

Entangled by Elysium

Elysium’s World

Art is the human species’ most incredible form in the expression of life by far. Nothing else that is human-made can match the power of art. It moves us, motivates us, frightens us, and it can make us fall in love. . .

Between Fire and Ice, 2020, Photography, 15 x 10”

Between Fire and Ice

“Between Fire and Ice” is an ongoing photographic entry around the subject of wildfires within the forefront of climate change. Fire, to me, is alive and shares a deep relationship with our universal family. After the most destructive wildfire in the history of California in 2018, I began photographing fire-dependent ecosystems across the United States. . .

Inner Voice by Karen Starrett

Continuing the Conversation

The act of painting, moving my hand across the canvas, is pure freedom—and fear. I continue to draw lines, wipe parts of them away, then redraw and wipe parts away again—joining, obscuring, and overlaying these lines many times. Different linear elements clash and struggle to be together—to make sense together. . .