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Lunch Specials

Issue 17: Summer/Fall 2020

Angela Morales, Author and Essayist

Issue 16: Winter/Spring 2020

Chris Feliciano Arnold, Author

Issue 15: Summer/Fall 2019

Carmen Maria Machado, Author

Issue 14: Winter/Spring 2019

Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich, Author of The Fact of a Body

Issue 13: Summer/Fall 2018

Percival Everett, Author

Issue 12: Winter/Spring 2018

Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich, Author of The Fact of a Body

Victoria Chang, Author of Barbie Chang

Issue 11: Summer/Fall 2017

Margo Jefferson, Author of Negroland

Issue 10: Winter/Spring 2017

Maggie Nelson, Author of The Red Parts

Issue 9: Summer/Fall 2016

Daniel José Older, Author of Shadowshaper

Issue 8: Winter/Spring 2016

Lidia Yuknavitch, Author of The Small Backs of Children

Issue 7: Summer/Fall 2015

Roxane Gay, Author of An Untamed State

Issue 6: Winter/Spring 2015

Antonia Crane, Author of Spent

Issue 5: Summer/Fall 2014

Kiese Laymon, Author of Long Division

Issue 4: Winter/Spring 2014

Catherine M. Wilson, Author of the Trilogy When Women Were Warriors

Issue 3: Summer/Fall 2013

Alan Heathcock, Author