Diane Williams, Duality, 2013. Oil on canvas, 11 x 14 in.

Spotlight: Paintings

“Coming from an ethnic background and living in a diverse city like Los Angeles, my work reflects my identity as an Asian American…”

Spotlight: Tequila / Jesus in a Nighttime City / Clock Maker / Life Is-Transition

Single life is-tequila with lime, / shots of travelers, jacks, diamonds, and then spades, / holding back aces- / mocking jokers / paraplegic aged tumblers of the night trip.…

Andrea Witke Slot

Spotlight: I want to die the way my dog sleeps / In Gratitude of the Strange Phenomenon of Reynaud’s / It doesn’t spell disaster

I want to die the way my dog sleeps / a tiny, take-up-no-room-curl. / I want to live like him, too, / rising twice or thrice a day, / a lift up from a stomach, / a grin to an n, / a head-to-tail unfurl…

Spotlight: Summercamp Sirens / Days Like This / Rattlesnake

When cities are burning / and children sleep in your bed / you can’t measure suffering / like sugar, one tablespoon / at a time…

Darren Todd

Spotlight: Dragonfall

I lost my virginity while the dragon fell. When the enormous canvas beast faltered, people flocked beneath it. Maybe they hoped their attention would encourage it to stay aloft in the dead air, like zealots of a dying god refusing to believe its power could ever wane….

Jeana Eve Klein, Any Day in June, 2012. Mixed media quilt (Digital printing, acrylic paint and dye on recycled fabric; machine-pieced and hand-quilted), 63 x 69 in.

Spotlight: PAST PERFECT: Mixed Media Quilts

“I trespass in abandoned houses. I spy on the people who once lived inside, watching them through the telescope of time…”

Jenni B. Baker, "Erasures (NASA Air-to-Ground Voice Transcription)"

Spotlight: Erasures (NASA Air-to-Ground Voice Transcription)

The following three found poems are from the collection Roger That […]

Tim Tomlinson

Spotlight: The Koreans / Terminal 3 Farewell / In the Eel Grass

In the downpour / a pair of cobras slithers / into the resort / and the restaurant empties / of foreigners. / The boy sets his tray of drinks / on a table and runs for the itak / he isn’t supposed to keep / in his locker, but does…

Heather Mingus

Spotlight: This Is How I Say Goodbye

I haven’t been to the place where my father isn’t buried, only ashes and the idea of him. I haven’t said my goodbyes over the patch of grass where his body doesn’t lay….

Anuradha Bhowmik

Spotlight: Seasonal / Lunchtime in Atlantic City / Postscript

Hindu Santa stashes / boxes of Just for Men / under the bathroom / sink, bare scalp painted / black with faded tooth / brush bristles. Barbasol…

Jessica Lund, ula, 2014. Foam, gravel, drywall tape, moss, flower, gravel, pins, paint, 4 x 4 x 4 in.

Spotlight: Mascot

I construct intimate artworks that investigate the gross romance between person and location…

Spotlight: A Week in the Back Bay

We wandered your city / for five days, hemmed within / those same cobbled creases, / tucked between brownstones- / mordant lines grown soft / in the damp October night…


Here’s the peach bathroom / that gave her new ways / to look taller—

Spotlight: The Flat World

There are two worlds those with the privilege of portable technology inhabit…

Spotlight: Stumbling: Cut Short

Our eyes tripped over a four-by-four inch bronze memorial embedded in a sidewalk in Cologne, Germany…

Spotlight: Birds Missing From Sky

Today you follow the holes / birds clawed into the sky…

Spotlight: Shaving Above the Knees

There was a pecan tree that dropped nuts across the crabgrass that surrounded her parents’ bungalow-style home. She introduced me to her rat-dog and its seven grown puppies that surrounded me, yapping away my patience, each of them dirty and unclaimed…

Spotlight: Lena and the Bank of America

Lena. Just Lena. My mother didn’t have a middle name, which I thought smacked of parsimony—shortchanged at birth…

Naomi Krupitsky Wernham

Spotlight: New Mexico

In my next life I will come back as a Wild Mountain Woman…

Spotlight: For Eric Garner, Who Lost Staten Island

Inside the brain of a bank, / where the world is, / I sold my breath/ but then my breath was taken/ and sold back to me…

Spotlight: Some Thoughts About Why You Left / Sweet Tooth

We both tried to kill ourselves, you with / pills, me, with a razor and a bottle of wine…

Gerardo Garduño, Intervention of the Space, 2013. Acrylic paint, ink, and pencil on paper, 28 x 20 in.

Spotlight: Fabric of the Cosmos, & Other Paintings

A collection of surreal ink drawings inspired by sacred geometry exploring the relationship between human perceptions and impossible worlds…

Brett Elizabeth Jenkins

Spotlight: Selling Death / Bodies of Water

Even on 5th avenue, it costs money to die. / Especially if you die in a Taco Bell drive-through / or in the kitchenware aisle of Macy’s; it costs / money to die even if you flop down dead / in your own flower garden…