Poetics of Resistance

The Nail that Sticks Out: On Vietnamese Poet Ly Doi’s Poetics of Resistance Vietnamese Publishing Law lists the following subjects as taboo. If a writer chooses to publish a piece that crosses these vague restrictions, there’s a good chance he or she can expect a visit from the police, along with some combination of fines, […]

Day of Rest

Day of Rest Glass-fibred beings under online drums in the heat of the bits, always a ringing in the ears, more zero than one, up tonine-one-one, plug in the socket, through the night, day in, day out, night failure, day failure power failure. Dead zone of the electrons. Leave the cables where they are, marvel […]

Five Poems

My country, why this crazy love for you? You got me born so I could be your wound. Where can I hide on the barren hill? My verses dog me like old murderers. And deep in my ice every night something breaks.     With your name I’ll name the curve you lean on like […]