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Creative Nonfiction

Issue 17: Summer/Fall 2020

On Twerking and Writing


Monstera Deliciosa Variegata: Grief and the Search for a Rare Houseplant

A Life in Six Thousand, Five Hundred and Forty Songs


Returning to My Father’s Kitchen

The Story of the Family Samovar

Issue 16: Winter/Spring 2020


All of Us Are in Pieces

Picasso This and That

What I Know to Be True

The Many Uses of Safety Pins

Jedi Mind Tricks of an Anxious Girl

The Eastern Spadefoot

To a Starving Body

Issue 15: Summer/Fall 2019

Hickeys, Lexapro, and Eggo Waffles: On Being Thirteen

Lessons in Language

She’s Not There

Fear of Prayer: An Atheist’s Lament

Indelible Laughter

Saturn’s Return

Letters from My Childhood

Mack Truck

Shifting Gear

Issue 14: Winter/Spring 2019

Sex Matters

Counting the Beats



Hear and Release


Area of Concern

The Right of Way

Issue 13: Summer/Fall 2018



Leaving Cleveland

Encounters with Snakes

Losing Faith

You Memorize The Way Your Hand Lets Go

Notes to Self

A Life in a Body (With Breasts)

Issue 12: Winter/Spring 2018

Waiting Room

Abiding in the Realm of Calmness

My Father, the Trickster

Paper Shackles


We Race American

How to Disappear


Issue 11: Summer/Fall 2017

Out of Houston

Mapping Coordinates of Poor, Queer, and Feminine in the High Desert Air

The Day We Buried My Father

Big Ball of String Theory


If Memory


Flash Point

Faith Is What You Have: Reading Photographs with Flannery O’Connor

Issue 10: Winter/Spring 2017

Progress Notes

Every Man a Fortress

Somebody. Still.




Nipple Gazing

Falling—A Mothering (Or, a Tale of Postpartum Depression)

When a Neighbor Dies

Are We There Yet?

Issue 9: Summer/Fall 2016

Elvis Has Left the Building

Down in the River to Pray

The Half-Buttoned Effect

Nothing Beats a Beergut Breakfast

Home is Home

Issue 8: Winter/Spring 2016

A Few More Miles

Party of One

Counter Intuitive

A Box of Chocolates in China

Preparing a Place

I’ve Never Touched One

Taking the Edge Off

Boiler Rat

What Goes Around

Issue 7: Summer/Fall 2015

Panic at Twenty-four Frames Per Second

The Housekeeper’s Daughter

Negative Space

Some Lines of Feeling 

A Map of Jerusalem

The Persistence of Wolves

Dispatch from Liberty Ave.  


Issue 6: Winter/Spring 2015

Weird Gelatinous Things

The Water Understands


Wander, Lost

Wet Glass Plates

All Hallow’s Evening

Issue 5: Summer/Fall 2014

First Season, Shotgun

Nuclear Fallout

Me and Jerry

I Once Knit My Own

Beyond the Pale

The Blue Blanket

Issue 4: Winter/Spring 2014

Three Hots and a Cot

Kaleidoscope Mind

End of the Line

The Call

Issue 3: Summer/Fall 2013

The Viewing


The Beetle and the Wind

Nature Lessons


Rebecca, First Semester Freshman Year

Conversations I Can’t Talk About


Issue 2: Winter/Spring 2013

Nature Lessons

The Memoirist

Green Vase

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Black Woman

Tales of Corruption


Issue 1: Spring 2012

Wince: George and Trayvon


Anything but Oatmeal