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Dig in as our Lunch Ticket staff brings you thought-provoking personal essays and nonfiction stories in our Friday Lunch Blog. From stories about grief and loss, to tales of growing up and overcoming challenges, to celebratory pieces about love and family, these stories are shared every other Friday throughout the year. With these blogs, we aim to give you a glimpse into Lunch Ticket and the values we stand by: to empower writers and readers with the knowledge and skills to lead meaningful lives and to advance social, economic, and environmental justice. We hope you enjoy.

On Becoming Real

Skyler Fontana
Perhaps nothing provides as much fulfillment in life as finding and sustaining a successful love relationship and pursuing what you…

Karens: A Cautionary Tale of How to be a Less Horrifying White Woman in America

Karen Gaul Schulman
My husband called my name. He usually calls me “Honey” or “Baby” or “Hey, You,” but this time, he used…

Pharaoh Tut’s Curse Box Caused 2020?

Faith Escoe
Maybe, it’s human instinct to look for someone or something to blame instead of accepting sometimes bad things just happen.…
White Moderate

Dear White Moderate, Stop Waiting on the World to Change

Amanda Woodard
Dear White Moderate, I grew up well below the poverty line;…

Tick Tock, Tick Tock – Ways to Wind Your Narrative Clock

Gail Vannelli
Eons ago, when I was seven, I pretended to choke to death when my mother lit up a cigarette near…

I Know Alone

Ben Lewellyn-Taylor
In late April, the three sisters who make up HAIM, the L.A. pop…

More than a Wedding Dress

Barbara Platts
The conversation went the same as most of ours do: One of us came at it logically and the other…

On Being Broken

Nicholas Galvez
When I was eight years old, my mother, Lucille Munera Galvez, died from breast cancer. I was coming back from…

They Hate If You’re Clever and Despise the Fool

Stephanie Teasley
It hit 120℉—122℉ in fact—a few weeks ago in my desert town. The days before and after weren’t much better:…
What a Year of Sobriety Has Taught Me

What a Year of Sobriety Has Taught Me

Amanda Woodard
I’m lounging on my sectional, thumb hovering over the “Deliver” button in Uber Eats. I have Feel Good on the…

The Cancer of Another Nation’s People

Franz Franta
The restaurants are closed, shelves in certain parts of the stores are empty, people seem chaotic and self-motivated, uncertainty looms,…

Life Is Like A Sauna and I’m Sweatin’ Over Here

Lisa Croce
I turned the freakish timing over and over in my mind that night, on the verge of connecting the dots,…

Is There More To Greek Mythology?

Faith Escoe
The women of ancient Greece took this story to heart, they knew that Athena had given power to someone who…

We are _________, hear us ___________!

Shannon C.F. Rogers
#weclapbecausewecare. New Yorkers stop and give daily thanks and gratitude for coronavirus frontline workers. In Brooklyn, at 7 pm, my neighbors…

Fathering Along

Michael Sellar
My naïve assumption was the expectation of shaping her personality, igniting her spark. Staring through the bars of her crib…

Permutations of Love: Part II

Louise Rozett
Experiencing personal tragedy against the backdrop of collective tragedy is disorienting. On April 6, I made the terrible decision to…

Postcard From The Pandemic

Stephanie Teasley
All of Adana’s therapists had been interested in her survival although that sentiment was a global curiosity. Survival stories of…

Living Through History

Barbara Platts
There’s a certain weight a person holds when they’ve been part of a monumental moment in history. That weight can…

This Post is Not About the Coronavirus

Shannon C.F. Rogers
(It's about skiing.) Skiing requires too many accessories. Don’t get me wrong, I like accessories.[...]

Worlds Apart and Interconnected-Creativity in the time of Crisis

Loumarie I. Rodriguez, Andrea Auten, Janet Rodriguez, Lisa Croce, Sen Sherman, Alisha Escobedo, Regan Humphrey
Our management team addresses interconnectivity and creativity in this time of crisis [...]
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Self-Love Through A Hair Cut

Sen Kathleen
I transformed my lengthy, ash brown locks to a pixie in May 2019. I wasn’t nervous until I sat in…

They’ve Tortured and Scared You for Twenty-Odd Years

Stephanie Teasley
As I sit and write this, it’s been a few days since the  government announced that our nation is officially…

Altering Perception as Survival in 2020’s Era

Franz Fanta
In today’s world of screens, scrolling and endless information, it is hard to not feel overwhelmed. Having access to global…
defining ableism

“A Quality, Good Life” —Defining Ableism and What It Means to Be Human

Amanda Woodard
It took me ages to graduate with my bachelor’s degree -- eight years to be exact. I kept changing my…

Why American Dirt Matters to All of Us

Janet Rodriguez
My friends and I are still reeling from the news of American Dirt, that pinche novel written by Jeanine Cummins,…

For The Kids Who Can’t Find Their Names on Keychains

Sen Kathleen
One day, when I was little, I slid into my mother's room and interrupted what was possibly a well earned…

Permutations of Love

Louise Rozett
I. Lester is a beautiful Bernese mountain dog who stops traffic—literally. People pull their cars over to ask about him.…
Beautiful by Viigo

Lyrics Reconstructed: A Grief Mixtape

Regan Humphrey
I. August evenings Bring solemn warnings To remember to kiss the ones you love goodnight[...]

Finding Our Similarities

Barbara Platts
Americans weren’t talking to each other. At least, that’s what the news was constantly saying. It was January 2017. Trump…

What’s In a Name?

Janet Rodriguez
Our first grandchild was born at home, in a warm tub of water that soothed my daughter-in-law so much that…

My Quest For Magnetism

Lisa Croce
I feel so adult sometimes. Like I’m nailing it. Kick ass, beautiful apartment in a seriously expensive, glamorous, desired city?…

Fire-Swallowing, Love Letters, and Other Dances with Death

Regan Humphrey
I’m stalling in a secluded corner of the library on a Saturday afternoon. It’s quiet over here in the useless…

Shields Up, Red Alert, Incoming Climate Change

Stephanie Teasley
Humans learn to trust one another because they discovered the universe is bigger than our solar system and they positively…

The Next New Normal

Liz Tynes Netto
Her older sister argued the value of humans, our light and our darkness, the beauty of Shakespeare, the positive contributions…

Double Vision

A.D. Lowman
The mirror may be a simple tool of glass and metal, but its simplicity belies its true magic: reflection. That…

Before and Beyond the Moon

Janet Rodriguez
I recently read an article about Itaru Sasaki, a citizen of Japan, whose cousin died in 2010. A designer by…
Drawing the Bow / Muscle Action of an Archer (anterior view)Susan Dorothea White

Health Well Fit

Regan Humphrey
But soon the frustration congealed around my ignorance starts to melt, giving way to hope. An education about my body…

Admissions: Part II

Louise Rozett
It made me giddy to think that sixteen-year-old me was furious by the time I got home. I wish I…

My Parents Didn’t Have a Personal Library

Alexis McCadney
The idea that good and great writing is somehow innate pushes those who had the potential but aren’t properly trained…

Purple Poodle Skirt

Lisa Croce
It means I have to willingly pull back the curtain and expose the ugly parts of me. The part that…

How J. Cole Taught Me To Love Minez

Alisha Mercier
It could have been easy to forget that I got out of breath walking the few feet from my car…

Mover’s Guide: How to pack up a house (and not lose your mind)

Liz Tynes Netto
Moving can be daunting. Relocation anxiety is real, especially if you’re hoofing it alone. But, fear not, we’re here to…

Body Love: A Group Blog

A.D. Lowman, Liz Tynes Netto, Alisha Mercier, Louise Rozett, Janet Rodriguez, Alexis McCadney, Cristina Medina, Alisha Escobedo, Regan Humphrey, Lisa Croce, Sarah Haas, Stephanie Teasley
Ten writers on what they love about their bodies.[…]

Remember Raw Oysters?

Sarah Haas
Often I wondered how food could let him forget himself and when I asked him, he said it was probably…

Orange is the New… Metamorphosis

Alisha Escobedo
At twenty, I should have been educated on how to avoid this road, but instead I dove into the forbidden…

The Lottery

A.D. Lowman
Moving to a better school district would mean leaving behind a community where seeing Black leaders, business owners, and even…

Open Your Mouth (Silence Won’t Save You)

Alexis McCadney
Silence was a luxury I couldn’t afford as a little girl. It’s a luxury that no little Black girl can…

Five Myths: A Daughter’s Guide to Surviving (your mother’s) Stroke

Janet Rodriguez
The day your mother has a stroke, you have to admit you know almost nothing.It starts when you receive a…

Looking Toward My Reflection

Lisa Croce
My words held up a mirror and exhibited the same qualities she’d always instilled in me, one last time. Two…

When You Have NPC Parents and No Cheat Codes

Stephanie Teasley
This whole situation was like trying to find all the hidden items of Zelda. Can’t you enjoy the game without…

Admissions: Part 1

Louise Rozett
I was 16. It was fall of my senior year, and I was applying to colleges. But I knew where…


Cristina Medina
Shame defined my womanhood, then motherhood when I gave birth to my first son two years later. The vessel in…
Polo by Henrietta Harris

The Mind, The Body, The Voice

Regan Humphrey
When asked, I almost always give up and offer the term “a nonsexual orgy.” People enter a dance studio in…

What We Think We Know

Sarah Haas
I wondered what it must be like to live every day looking death so directly in the face. I stepped…