Issue 12: Winter/Spring 2018 | Masthead


Word From the Editor

The Architect

Workplace Silence



Restless Dreams of Silence

Thirsty for Our Future

Practical Knowledge

Planting Seeds

You Don’t Have to Be So Afraid All the Time

Bruised Sage

Fermenting Hearts

One Librarian Survives the Apocalypse

Notes from My Hong Kong Travel Journal: Sightseeing with a Silver Comb

The Moon-Bright Smile Rebellion


Latex Ball, 2001

Mother Tongue

this is an offering

Elegy for Don Lalo’s Gold Tooth



I Wasn’t One & Pressing Comb

Pacific hypergirls go strut

You Steal the Butcher Knife

Notes on an Empty Sky

Orchard Burning

Writing for Young People

Birthday Party

Creeping Jenny


Car 393

Lunch Special

Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich, Author of The Fact of a Body

Victoria Chang, Author of Barbie Chang


Cecil Castellucci, Author

Lisa Dickey, Author & Ghostwriter

Eloise Klein Healy, Poet

Joe Ide, Author

Ashaki Jackson, Poet

Creative Nonfiction

Waiting Room

Abiding in the Realm of Calmness

My Father, the Trickster

Paper Shackles


We Race American

How to Disappear


Flash Prose

Eating the Leaves

Unreliable Objects


The Girl Who Will Fly

You Will be Saved

Getting Away


When My Mother Held the Sears Door Open for Me

Hard Winter

Diana Woods Memorial Award in Creative Nonfiction

Gut Instinct

To Mold a Star without Burning (or, Jean-Michel Basquiat: An Art Critique)

The Typewriter


The Complete Madness of Armstrong: Collage

Invitation to View: The Earth Welcomes Us All: Acrylic Paintings

Earthly Visions: Watercolor

Vietnamese Village Through the Eyes of a Young Man: Mixed Media

Pendulum of Identity: Mixed Media

Super Ply: Mixed Media

Destruction: Collage

Fire, Water, Ice and Snow: Oil Paintings

Fringe Quarter: Photography

SCHOOL LUNCH: Oil Paintings

Gabo Prize for Literature in Translation & Multilingual Texts

Selected Poems from Black and Blue Partition: ‘Mistry 2

Excerpt from The False Note

The Last Ones



Language Matters

Feast Days

The Day of the Cats and the World of the Mirrors

Soldiers Are Sleepless Prey & Love is Blue Bruises on the Body

Rain Away

Selected Poems from Combustible Material

Poetry by Black Bird

Poetry From Hebrew

Excerpt from XXI Century