Issue 18: Winter/Spring 2021 | Masthead


Word From the Editor

Staring At A Wall

Explaining Black Lives



Objects in Space

Bob’s Bass Turd

In and Out

Life Stories

Writing for Young People

Flower Food

The Shaving Cream of the Month Club

Lazarus and the Rich

Maggie Quart’s Guide to Unpopularity

Green Light


Flower Moon in Quarantine

Just This

Google Searches


still want to be here / impressions / dissonance


The Pain Scale / Must Be Nice

Lunch Special

Immigrants, Survivors, and Translingual Poetry: An Interview with Piotr Florczyk


Question the Boundaries of Your Compassion: An Interview with Anna Badkhen

Be Prepared to Let the Writing Go: An Interview with Shonda Buchanan

Keep Your Momentum: An Interview with Elise Capron

Just Go with It: An Interview with Jose Hernandez Diaz

Self-Celebration Transforms You: An Interview with Reyna Grande

Can There Be Justice?: An Interview with Casandra López

One Long Poem to New York and the Universe: An Interview with Tommy Pico

Diana Woods Memorial Award in Creative Nonfiction


The Beautiful Mundane

Creative Nonfiction

Imagine Yourself a Strained Body Breaking to Recover

Xinjiang—A Beautiful Place

Surrogate Memory

White Voice (Un)Masked

Those You Neglect

Flash Prose

Under the Big Tree / In the Wings

I Am Going to Share a Secret With You


June/ My iPhone Died Three Years Ago and I’m Still Not Over It




By Morning / Person, Place and Thing

La Violencia


Scenes from Ballets Never Staged- Acrylic

Visual Models-Mixed Media

Blue Motion-Acrylic

Breathing The New Society- Acrylic

The Pineapple Metaphor: Expanding the Narrative

Soul Element: Charcoal and Graphite

Towards a Better World-Paint

Women, Yazd, Iran-Photographs

Nine recent woodcuts

Congruence- Pen & Ink

Timeless Honor: Portraits of Essential Workers, Essential People

Gabo Prize for Literature in Translation & Multilingual Texts

Girl Friends

Sung’s Shop

Four Short Stories From Soulfood Equatoriale


Klétka: The Story of Jenő Gold

Five Poems from One Hundred Prisons of Love

Ghazals of Jahan Malek Khatun