Genre Archive

Visual Art

Issue 17: Summer/Fall 2020

In the Dark

Acabando Nos Vamos

Vulnerability Has No Boundaries

Mi Religión

The Selfie: A Physical-Digital Hybrid of the Human Face

Sentiments in Clay

Dreams and Fantasies

Sex After Rape

Issue 16: Winter/Spring 2020

Rock and Refuge: Mixed Media

Caché Owens: Mixed Media

Still Lifelike: Oil Painting

Tandem: Digital Photography

Penchant: Oil Painting

Forbidden Garden: Oil Painting

Mutations: Mixed Media

The Beauty in Us: Graphite and Charcoal

Daydreams: Digital Photography

The Forget Me Nots: Oil Painting

Issue 15: Summer/Fall 2019

Signs of Life: Mixed Media

F r a g m e n t s/Chaos: Mixed Media

Vibrancy: Oil Painting

Light Garden: Digital Art

Sustained Attention: Graphite

Small Oddity: Digital Gifs

NLB: Oil Painting

The World to Me was a Secret: Mixed Media

Issue 14: Winter/Spring 2019

Reimagining My City: Mixed Media

Migrations: Mixed Media

Beyond the Black, Brown and Gold: Mixed Media

Bacon Watercolors: Painting

I Am a Magic Carpet: Mixed Media

Human.Male.Black.: Acrylic Paintings

Floating in the Upmost Corner: Photography

Natural and Organic: Oil Paintings

Issue 13: Summer/Fall 2018

Journal Drawings Early 1500s: Pen and Ink

Elements: Mixed Media

People I / III: Mixed Media

Contemporary Landscapes: Acrylic Paintings

Transfigured Migrations: Mixed Media

Yellow Roses: Digital Collage

Swarm: Mixed Media

The Beautiful Curve: Oil Paintings

Patterns, Cycles, and Change: Oil Paintings

Issue 12: Winter/Spring 2018

The Complete Madness of Armstrong: Collage

Invitation to View: The Earth Welcomes Us All: Acrylic Paintings

Earthly Visions: Watercolor

Vietnamese Village Through the Eyes of a Young Man: Mixed Media

Pendulum of Identity: Mixed Media

Super Ply: Mixed Media

Destruction: Collage

Fire, Water, Ice and Snow: Oil Paintings

Fringe Quarter: Photography

SCHOOL LUNCH: Oil Paintings

Issue 11: Summer/Fall 2017

Mythic City: Oil Paintings

The Garden Collection: Acrylic Paintings

Spatial Awareness: Digital Collages

Faceted Phrases Series: Acrylic Paintings

The Things We Can’t Say: Mixed Media

The Pathetic Start of It All: Mixed Media

Issue 10: Winter/Spring 2017

Artist’s Expedition: Mixed Media

May Be I Was a Bottle: Mixed Media

A Distant Voice in the Darkness: Photography

After Eagle Drawings: Ink Drawings

The Exploration Series: Multi Media & Oil Paintings

New Views of the World: Intaglio Prints

Series of Experimental Collections: Acrylic Paintings

Issue 9: Summer/Fall 2016

The Sewing Machine’s Text: Mixed Media

Barn Owl Conté Crayon Drawings

Strange Tales from Strange Places: Mixed Media

Obsession and Idolization: Mixed Media

At Least I Have You to Remember Me: Acrylic Paintings

Happy Limbo of Suspended Metaphors: Mixed Media

10 Collages: Digital Collages

Issue 8: Winter/Spring 2016

Birds of LA: Mixed Media

Treatment: Digital Prints

Net: Chromogenic Prints

Broke Down Frames: Mixed Media

Vangelic: Photography

Break Rooms: Photography

KOKO’s Love: A Soap Opera Tale of One Family: Video Stills

Issue 7: Summer/Fall 2015

Birds on Paper: Mixed Media

TransSurfacing: Digital Collages

Myth: Mixed Media

Change: Watercolor Paintings

Within the Walls: Photography & Mixed Media

Selected Works: Oil Paintings

Recent Work: Mixed Media Sculpture

Issue 6: Winter/Spring 2015

Weighing the Rain: Archival Pigment Prints

Joyful Canvases: Mixed Media

How Beautiful is Thy Dwelling: Digital Photography

The Big Bang: Digital Photography

Portraits: Oil Paintings

Unmasked: Oil Paintings

Color Tectonics: Photo Collages

Cross-Cultural Narratives: Mixed Media

Issue 5: Summer/Fall 2014

The Surreal World: Parallel Universe: Pencil Drawings

Illumination and Night Glare: Oil Paintings

Behind the Chair: Monoprints, Oil Paintings, & Charcoal Drawings

Playing Fields: Mixed Media

Natural Media Watercolors

Rebuilding a Broken Youth: Mixed Media

Trophy Shots: Pencil & Pastel Drawings

Issue 4: Winter/Spring 2014

There Are No Others Around Me: Graphite Drawings


Ersatz: Photography

Hoarders: Oil & Acrylic Paintings

Saved: Ultrachrome Prints & Poetry

One Mind’s Imaging into Another: Mixed Media

Baptism of Concrete Estuary: Scroll Painting, Gouache on Paper

Issue 3: Summer/Fall 2013

Tiny Town: Mixed Media

Vignettes: Collages

Portfolio: Mixed Media

Under the Sun: Mixed Media

American Stories: Watercolor & Ink

All At Once: Digital Photography

Issue 2: Winter/Spring 2013

MANDEM: Mixed Media

Circus Series: Mixed Media

Audvantgardener: Acrylic & Watercolor

Leah Givens: Photography

Karen Golightly: Photography

London Premonition: Photography

A Statue in Pieces: Photography